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In today’s tough economic environment, businesses of all sizes are recognising the true value that structured and objective auditing services can bring to their organisation. This is why smaller firms are increasingly undertaking voluntary audits that are a legal requirement for larger firms.

SEFID is recognised as an auditing expert by the Federal Audit Oversight Authority (FAOA) in Switzerland. Our expert team closely examines your annual financial statement, producing a detailed report to help you stay competitive and compliant.

We ensure that:

  • the statement is legally and financially sound while also transparent, creating the trust and security which enable properly informed, forward-thinking decisions to be made.
  • Our systematic, disciplined approach also ensures that requests for further clarification, whether from the tax office, business partners or banks are kept to an absolute minimum.

Take advantage of our specialist know-how

Through an in-depth examination of the firm’s accounting practices, our specialists deliver practical financial and organisational solutions to help you achieve sustainable growth. These insights into the actual economic and financial condition of the organisation enable us to provide important information on liquidity, productivity and profitability.

Our general audits test the robustness and effectiveness of your firm’s Internal Control System (ICS), identifying possible weak spots and areas for improvement. And after testing your system, our experts are able to provide sound advice on how best to efficiently manage enterprise risks.

An internal audit by diligent SEFID specialists focuses on the key processes within the company. Our straightforward approach, looking at the organisation from all angles, allows us to check quickly and effectively whether all laws, regulations and norms (compliance) are being adhered to, lessening your firm’s exposure to regulatory risk.

Our auditing servicesy

Legal audits: Limited and general audits for all types of company; specialised audits for stock market flotations, increases and decreases in capital, revaluation of fixed assets; audits compliant with merger laws; Anti-Money Laundering Audits (AMLAs); and audits for fund sales and distribution.

Voluntary audits: Audits for clubs/associations, small companies, due diligence for company takeovers/restructuring, audits of business deals, financial statements and other related areas.

Since 1 January 2007 under Swiss law both general and limited audits are only permitted to be undertaken by firms registered with the Federal Audit Oversight Authority (FAOA) in Switzerland. As registered audit experts, SEFID Treuhand + Revision is permitted to carry out both general and limited Audits (Nr. 500686). This also ensures adherence to the FAOA’s Quality Assurance System (QAS).


Reg. audit service provider of the Swiss Federal Audit Oversight Authority. Licensed as audit expert for limited audits and ordinary audits. Reg. no.: 500 686

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